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  • Cutler, K. S.; Filiberto, Justin;; Treiman, Allan H.;; Trang, David (American Astronomical Society, 2020-06-10)
    Alteration of basalt on the surface of Venus should be dominated by nanophase hematite and sulfate coatings, but the timescale of oxidation and how that affects spectroscopic measurements has not been extensively studied. ...
  • Treiman, Allan H.; Filiberto, Justin; Vander Kaaden, Kathleen E.;; (American Astronomical Society, 2021-03-08)
    Light emitted from Venus’s surface can be viewed through spectral “windows” in its atmosphere, in the nearinfrared (NIR) around 1000 nanometer (nm) wavelengths. The NIR emissivity of Venus’s surface can constrain rock types ...
  • Fegley, Bruce; Treiman, Allan H.; Sharpton, Virgil L.; (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1992)
    We utilize Earth-based, Earth-orbital, and spacecraft observations of the atmosphere and surface of Venus, thermodynamic models of atmosphere-lithosphere interactions, and where available kinetic data on relevant gas-solid ...
  • Kremic, Tibor; Amato, Mike; Gilmore, Martha S.; Kiefer, Walter S.; Johnson, Natasha M.; Sauder, Jonathan; Hunter, G. W. (Gary W.); Thompson, Thomas; (Glenn Research Center, 2021)
    A main purpose of this Venus Surface Platform Study is to understand platform capabilities required to achieve desired Venus interior-, surface-, and surface-atmosphere-related science. More generally, the original study ...

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