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  • Kring, David A. (David Allen);; Canup, R. M. (Robin M.), 1968-; Marchi, Simone;; Boston, Penny; Su, Kate;; Walker, Richard; (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2018)
    This topical conference on Bombardment, the third in The First Billion Years series, is designed to investigate the range of collisional events from the late stages of terrestrial planet accretion to the end of the ...
  • Marchi, Simone; Ermakov, A. I.; Raymond, Carol A.; Fu, Roger R. (Roger Rennan); O’Brien, D. P.; Bland, M. T.; Ammannito, E.; De Sanctis, M. C.; Bowling, T.; Schenk, Paul M.; Scully, J. E. C.; Buczkowski, D. L.; Williams, D. A. (David Andrew), 1951-; Hiesinger, H. (Harald); Russell, C. T. (Christopher T.) (Nature, 2016-07-26)
    Asteroids provide fundamental clues to the formation and evolution of planetesimals. Collisional models based on the depletion of the primordial main belt of asteroids predict 10–15 craters 4400 km should have formed on ...

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