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  • Bedford, Candice;; Schwenzer, Susanne Petra; Bridges, John C.; Banham, Steven; Wiens, Roger; Gasnault, Olivier M.; Rampe, Elizabeth; Frydenvang, Jens; Gasda, Patrick J.; (Elsevier, 2020-05)
    A ChemCam geochemical study of the ancient aeolian Stimson formation in Gale crater. The geochemical effect of mineral sorting in the ancient dunes has been preserved. The Stimson dunes were transported SW-NE, opposite to ...
  • Wiens, Roger; Edgett, Kenneth S.; Stack, Kathryn M.; Dietrich, William E.; Bryk, Alexander B.; Mangold, Nicolas; Bedford, Candice;; Gasda, Patrick J.; Fairén, Alberto G.; Thompson, Lucy; Johnson, Jeff; Gasnault, Olivier M.; Clegg, Sam; Cousin, Agnes; Fornij, Olivier; Frydenvang, Jens; Lanza, Nina; Maurice, Sylvestre; Newsom, Horton E.; Ollila, Ann; Payré, Valerie; Rivera-Hernandez, Frances; Vasavada, Ashwin (Elsevier, 2020-06-06)
    Here we present ground-based observations regarding a puzzling type of geological unit first observed prior to landing. Using ~25 cm/pixel High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE; McEwen et al., 2007) images ...

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