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  • Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.; Breuer, Doris; Byrne, Paul; Buczkowski, Debra L.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Davaille, A.; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby); Di Achille, G.; Fassett, Caleb; Gilmore, Martha S.; Grimm, Robert E.; Helbert, Jorn; Hensley, Scott; Herrick, Robert R.; Iess, Luciano; Jozwiak, Lauren; Katiaria, Tiffany; Mastrogiuseppe, Marco; Mazarico, Erwan; Mueller, Nils; Nunes, Daniel; O'Rourke, Joseph; McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); Raguso, Maria; Stock, Joann; Tsang, Constantine; Widemann, Thomas; Whitten, Jennifer; Widemann, Thomas; Zebker, Howard; (2020)
    Although supremely unhospitable to life today, Venus’s geodynamic similarities to Earth provide the ultimate control case for understanding rocky planet evolution and habitability. It very likely had past long-term surface ...
  • Head, James W.; Schmitt, Harrison H.; Scott, D. R.; Duke, Charlie, 1935-; Borg, Lars E.; Fassett, Caleb; Jolliff, B. L. (Brad L.); Neal, Clive R.; Pieters, Carlé M.; Shearer, Charles K. (2020)
    For the Artemis-targeted unique lunar South-Circumpolar Region, we outline its Moon-wide context and major scientific problems and assess the optimal sampling strategy for initial and early Artemis human exploration missions ...
  • Radebaugh, Jani; Thomson, Bradley; Archinal, B. A.; Beyer, Ross A.; DellaGiustina, Dani; Fassett, Caleb; Gaddis, Lisa; Goossens, Sander J.; Hare, Trent; Laura, Jay; Mouginis-Mark, Peter J.; Naß, Andrea; Patthoff, Alex; Stopar, Julie;; Sutton, Sarah (planetary geoscientist); Williams, David A. (Planetary geologist); Hagerty, Justin; Prockter, Louise;;; (2020)
    Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (PSDI) is a collection of data, tools, standards, policies, and the people that use and engage with them. A PSDI comprises an overarching support system for planetary spatial data. ...

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