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  • Kring, David A. (David Allen); Gruener, John E.; Eppler, Dean B.; (2020-09-08)
    If Artemis III astronauts land on Malapert or Leibnitz β, the exploration and science rationales developed previously apply. If, however, they are limited to a 2 km walking EVA, the breadth of the science to be addressed ...
  • Eppler, Dean B.; Baker, D. C.; Bell, E.; Evans, C.; Head, James W.; Helper, M.; Hodges, K. V.; Hurtado, J.; Klaus, Kurt K.; Neal, Clive R.; Schmitt, Harrison H.; Tewksbury, B.; (2020)
    It is critical that the next steps in lunar scientific exploration be understood in the terms of the goals and preparations required, including crew skill sets and training. This includes the operational approaches necessary ...
  • Eppler, Dean B.; Heiken, Grant (Pergamon Press, 1975)
    Lunar crater chains consisting of three or more aligned craters with similar states of degradation were identified from Apollo 15, 16, and 17 orbital photographs and selected for detailed study. Secondary crater chains ...

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