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  • Izenberg, Noam; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby); McGouldrick, Kevin;; Royer, Emilie, ‎1984- (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2019)
    VEXAG was established by NASA in 2005 to identify scientific priorities and opportunities for the exploration of Venus, Earth’s sister planet. The VEXAG provides findings to NASA Headquarters, but does not make recommendations.
  • Izenberg, Noam; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby) (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2020)
    Covers current status of active Venus exploration: NASA, and mission updates, mission proposals and concepts, technology updates and current studies, and Venus science talks and VEXAG findings
  • Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.; Breuer, Doris; Byrne, Paul; Buczkowski, Debra L.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Davaille, A.; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby); Di Achille, G.; Fassett, Caleb; Gilmore, Martha S.; Grimm, Robert E.; Helbert, Jorn; Hensley, Scott; Herrick, Robert R.; Iess, Luciano; Jozwiak, Lauren; Katiaria, Tiffany; Mastrogiuseppe, Marco; Mazarico, Erwan; Mueller, Nils; Nunes, Daniel; O'Rourke, Joseph; McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); Raguso, Maria; Stock, Joann; Tsang, Constantine; Widemann, Thomas; Whitten, Jennifer; Widemann, Thomas; Zebker, Howard;; (2020)
    Although supremely unhospitable to life today, Venus’s geodynamic similarities to Earth provide the ultimate control case for understanding rocky planet evolution and habitability. It very likely had past long-term surface ...

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