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  • Thomsen, Jeffrey M.; Austin, Michael G.; Ruhl, Stephen F.; Schultz, Peter H., 1944-; Orphal, Dennis L. (Pergamon Press, 1979)
    Early time two-dimensional finite difference calculations of laboratory-scale hypervelocity (6 km/sec) impact of 0.3 g spherical 2024 aluminum projectiles into homogeneous plasticene clay targets were performed and the ...
  • Croft, Steven Kent (Pergamon Press, 1980)
    A Maxwell Z-model cratering flow field originating at non-zero depths-of-burst has been used to calculate theoretical depths and volumes of excavation, hinge radii, ejection angles, and transient structural rim uplifts for ...
  • Grieve, Richard A. F.; Sharpton, Virgil L.; Rupert, James D.; Goodacre, Alan K. (Cambridge University Press, 1988)
    Time-series analyses of periodic, random, and a mixture of periodic and random ages indicate that it is difficult to consistently detect a period if age uncertainties are present. This problem is present in real data taken ...
  • Pai, S. I.; Menon, S.; Schultz, Peter H., 1944- (Pergamon Press, 1979)
    The possible effects of lift on individual ejecta trajectories after an impact event are examined, considering a dimensionless transport parameter (K), the initial velocity vector of the particles, and the ratio of the ...
  • Greeley, Ronald; Fink, J.; Gault, Donald E.; Snyder, D. B.; Guest, John, 1938-2012; Schultz, Peter H., 1944- (Pergamon Press, 1980)
    Martian multilobed craters ("splosh" craters, rampart craters, etc.) may involve fluidization of ejecta as a result of entrained water, melted/vaporized ice, and /or aerodynamically decelerated ejecta. To determine the ...
  • Schenk, Paul M.; Scully, J. E. C.; Buczkowski, Debra L.; Sizemore, Hanna G.; Schmidt, B.; Pieters, Carlé M.; Neesemann, A.; O’Brien, D. P.; Marchi, Simone; Williams, David A. (Planetary geologist); Nathues, A.; De Sanctis, M. Cristina; Tosi, F.; Russell, C. T. (Christopher T.); Castillo-Rogez, Julie; Raymond, Carol A. (Nature, 2020-08-10)
    Here we show using Dawn high-resolution stereo imaging and topography that Ceres’ unique composition has resulted in widespread mantling by solidified water- and salt-rich mud-like impact melts with scattered endogenic ...
  • Schultz, Peter H., 1944-; Greeley, Ronald; Gault, Donald E. (Pergamon Press, 1977)
    Analysis of statistics of craters between 5 and 500 m reveals three major size-frequency distribution types that appear to be related to unit type.
  • Schulte, Felix M.; Wittmann, Axel 1971-; Jung, Stefan; Morgan, Joanna V.; Gulick, Sean P. S.; Kring, David A. (David Allen); Grieve, Richard A. F.; Osinski, Gordon R.; Riller, Ulrich; IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 Science Party; (Springer, 2021-03-18)
    Core from Hole M0077 from IODP/ICDP Expedition 364 provides unprecedented evidence for the physical processes in effect during the interaction of impact melt with rock-debris-laden seawater, following a large meteorite ...
  • French, Bevan M. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1998)
    Emphasizes terrestrial impact structures, field geology, and particularly the recognition and petrographic study of shock-metamorphic effects in terrestrial rocks.

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