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  • Unknown author (Lunar Science Institute, 1970)
    Abstracts for the Apollo 11 Lunar Science Conference held January 5-8, 1970.
  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Johnson, P.; Martin, R.; Bennett, D.; Allen, J.; Nance, W. (Pergamon Press, 1970)
    A description is given of the analytical methods employed in the preliminary examination of the Apollo 11 lunar samples. The reasons for the selection of the techniques are discussed. Values used for calibration standards ...
  • Unknown author (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1971)
  • Hörz, Friedrich, 1940-; Hartung, Jack B. (MIT Press, 1971)
    Detailed studies of the distribution of microcraters on whole lunar rocks revealed that some rocks have large surface areas that are completely uncratered. It is demonstrated that the uncratered parts were buried in the ...
  • Rossiter, James R. (Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 1971-03)
    Results of experiments using radio waves for remote sensing done in March 1970 at the Athabasca Glacier in the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. This work is part of the Surface Electrical Properties Experiment. Thesis. ...
  • Rossiter, James R. (Lunar Science Institute, 1971-03)
    Largely collections of raw data acquired on the Athabasca Glacier during 1970. Thesis. M.Sc., University of Toronto, 1971.
  • Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-2004; Watkins, Carolyn (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    A collection of short papers covering the variety of research conducted on the samples returned by Apollo 15.
  • Watkins, Carolyn (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    Topics discussed include the first substantial results of mineralogical and petrological investigations of the Apollo 14 samples from the Fra Mauro landing site, initial results of investigations of the Apollo 15 samples, ...
  • Watkins, Carolyn; Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-2004 (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    The mineralogy, petrology, chemistry, isotopic composition, and physical properties of lunar materials are described in papers detailing methods, results, and implications of research on samples returned from eight lunar ...
  • Compston, W.; Vernon, M. J.; Berry, H.; Rudowski, R.; Gray, C. M.; Ware, N.; Chappell, B. W.; Kaye, M. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    In this paper we document and give multiple interpretations of the isotopic ages of Apollo 14 igneous rocks cited previously at the Third Lunar Science Conference (Compston et al., 1972). Our major-element analyses for the ...
  • Criswell, David R. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    Surveyor 7 photographed a bright glow along the western lunar horizon one hour after local sunset. This horizon glow must result from the forward scattering of sunlight by a swarm of dust grains extending 3 to 30 centimeters ...
  • Reid, Arch M.; Warner, Jeffrey L.; Ridley, W. I.; Johnston, Dennis A.; Harmon, R. S. (Russell S.); Jakeš, Petr; Brown, Roy W. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    Data on the major element composition of glasses in Apollo 11, 12, and 14 and Luna 16 soils have been classified into groupings of preferred compositions by cluster analysis techniques. These preferred compositions are ...
  • Pearce, G. W.; Strangway, David W.; Gose, W. A. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    Two lines of evidence support each other in suggesting that a large volume of the rocks near the lunar surface possess a uniform remanent magnetization with an intensity of about 2 x 10- 6 emu/g. The first line is the ...
  • Gose, W. A.; Pearce, G. W.; Strangway, David W.; Larson, E. E. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    The magnetic properties of Apollo 14 breccias can be explained in terms of the grain size distribution of the interstitial iron which is directly related to the metamorphic grade of the sample.
  • Warner, Jeffrey L.; Simonds, Charles H.; Phinney, William C. (Pergamon, 1973)
    The Apollo 16 rocks include cataclastic anorthosites, two varieties of unequilibrated breccia, two varieties of partly- to fully-equilibrated breccia, and a sequence of partially melted breccias. The latter, which dominate ...
  • Simonds, Charles H.; Warner, Jeffrey L.; Phinney, William C. (Pergamon, 1973)
    Poikilitic rocks, virtually all with low K-KREEP composition are found in all non-mare suites of lunar samples. Most of these rocks have low calcium pyroxene oikocrysts enclosing many chadacrysts of feldspar. The poikilitic ...
  • Arkani-Hamed, Jafar (Pergamon Press, 1973)
    A new mascon hypothesis is proposed which accounts for: (1) the existence of lunar mascons for more than 3 b.y., (2) the evidence for extensive volcanic activity from 3.7 to 3.2 b.y. ago, (3) the existence of negative ...
  • Manka, R. H.; Michel, F. C. (Pergamon Press, 1973)
    In this paper we discuss several new aspects of the acceleration of ions formed in the lunar atmosphere. In particular we will look at the predicted and observed energy spectrum of the ions, the lunar surface potential ...
  • Ridley, W. I.; Reid, Arch M.; Warner, Jeffrey L.; Brown, Roy W.; Gooley, R.; Donaldson, Colin H. (Pergamon Press, 1973)
    Major element analyses have been made of 309 glasses in two Apollo 16 soils, 60501 and 61221. Averages of preferred glass compositions are used as a guide to the nature of the major rock types contributing to these soils.

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