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Papers Presented at the Thirty-Seventh Annual Summer Intern Conference: August 10, 2022

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dc.coverage.spatial Solar system 2023-04-06T20:15:19Z 2023-04-06T20:15:19Z 2022
dc.description.abstract Papers Presented at the 2022 Summer Intern Program for Undergraduates held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.description.sponsorship Sponsored by Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA Johnson Space Center en
dc.description.tableofcontents Geologic Mapping of Smooth Plains on Dione: Insights into Resurfacing Processes on Icy Bodies / D. A. Bickham and P. M. Schenk -- The Distribution and Volume of Impact Melt, Cleopatra Crater, Maxwell Montes, Venus / S. Bogart and A. H. Treiman -- A Mineralogic Investigation into the Onset of Core Formation in Highly Oxidized Asteroids / D. L. Burgin, S. Crossley, and C. Goodrich -- Automating Size Determination of Near-Earth Asteroids Using Low SNR Arecibo Radar Imaging / C. E. Champagne, E. G. Rivera-Valentín, B. Aponte-Hernández, and P. A. Taylor -- Thermal Evolution of Enstatite Chondrite and Aubrite Parent Bodies / E. N. Etheridge, B. A. Anzures, N. Dygert, C. A. Goodrich, and F. M. McCubbin -- Analyses of Curiosity’s Ground Temperature Measurements: Correction for Thermal Noise / J. G. Gambrill and G. M. Martínez -- Investigating Source to Sink Processes on Earth to Connect to Mars / F. D. Garcia, C. C. Bedford, V. Tu, E. Rampe, and M. Thorpe -- Properties and Comparative Analysis of Venusian Rift Zones / T. E. McKenna, M. B. Weller, and W. S. Kiefer -- Diversity of Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusions in CV, CK, and CL Chondrites / X. Mouti Al-Hashimi and P. Mane --The Role of Pluto’s Ocean’s Salinity in Supporting Nitrogen Ice Loads Within the Sputnik Planitia Basin / A. L. Nguyen and P. J. McGovern -- Multiple Tectonic and Volcanic Events: Gina Crater Area, Venus / E. R. Roberts, A. H. Treiman, G. L. Eggers, and J. Filiberto -- Investigation of Great Salt Lake Evaporite Spectra for Evidence of Mirabilite and Thenardite / W. L. Wallentine, K. Lynch, and G. Eggers -- Evaluating Boiling Curves and Their Implications for Impact-Generated Hydrothermal Systems on Mars / M. R. Westenberg, E. G. Rivera-Valentín, K. L. Lynch, and D. A. Kring -- Roughness Variations at Different Scales Within Irregular Mare Patches on the Moon / G. M. Wolff, J. D. Stopar, and E. G. Rivera-Valentín.
dc.format.extent 54 pages
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dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI contribution ; no. 2841
dc.subject Planetary science--Congresses en
dc.title Papers Presented at the Thirty-Seventh Annual Summer Intern Conference: August 10, 2022 en
dc.title.alternative Papers Presented at the 37th Annual Summer Intern Conference en
dc.title.alternative 37th Summer Intern Conference (2022) en
dc.type Book en

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