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Papers Presented at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Summer Intern Conference : August 8, 2019, Houston, Texas 2019

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dc.coverage.spatial Solar system 2020-04-01T21:28:28Z 2020-04-01T21:28:28Z 2019
dc.description.abstract 2019 Summer Intern Program for Undergraduates Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.description.sponsorship Sponsored by Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA Johnson Space Center en
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Compiled in 2019 by Meeting and Publication Services, Lunar and Planetary Institute
dc.description.tableofcontents Geology of the Lunar Smythii Basin / R. A. Albach and H. M. Meyer -- Mineralogy and Petrology of Fine-Grained Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusions from the / Reduced CV3 Chondrite Thiel Mountains 07007 / C. J. Anderkin, J. Han, and L. P. Keller / Experimentally Testing Model-Predicted Crystallization Trends of the Lunar Highlands Mg-Suite / M. F. Balemian-Spencer and T. C. Prissel -- Reactions of Fungal Isolates with H5 Meteoritic Matrices / K. S. R. Barbre, R. Davis, and A. Regberg -- Modeling Low-Grade Metamorphic Phases of Sedimentary Rocks at Gale Crater, Mars / S. Benaroya and J. Semprich -- Searching for Impact Melt in the Ejecta of Occator Crater, Ceres / A. J. Blance, H. M. Meyer, P. M. Schenk, and J. D. Stopar -- Scattering Mechanisms Associated with Unusual Radar Properties of Terrestrial and Lunar Geologic Settings / M. M. Coholich, S. Bhiravarasu, E. G. Rivera-Valentín, and H. Meyer -- Petrographic and Geochemical Analyses of One Leoville and Two Allende CAIs / M. B. Comins, P. Mane, J. I. Simon, and R. M. G. Armytage -- The Post Bombardment Signature of a Spike in Impact Velocity / C. B. Cooper and E. G. Rivera-Valentín -- High Resolution Microstructural Analysis of Shock-Deformation in Apatite from the Chicxulub Impact Structure / M. A. Cox, T. M. Erickson, R. Christoffersen, D. K. Ross, M. Schmieder, and D. A. Kring -- Experimental Investigation of Venus Oxidation: Implications for Surface Mineralogy and Pyroxene and Basalt Spectra / K. S. Cutler, J. Filiberto, and A. H. Treiman -- Protocol Development for Organic and Inorganic Surface Molecular Contamination Monitoring in NASA’s Curation Cleanrooms / L. J. C. Dorlas, A. Hutzler, and J. A. Lewis -- Dating Young Mare Flows: Lichtenberg and Flamsteed Regions / E. Hon and J. Stopar -- Thrust Faulting on Venus: Tectonic Modeling of the Vedma Dorsa Ridge Belt / S. A. Moruzzi and W. S. Kiefer -- Development of Small Profile Doppler Radar for Planetary Radar Analog Studies / G. A. Muñiz-Negrón and E. G. Rivera-Valentín -- Confidently Measuring Near-Earth Asteroid Radii from Delay-Doppler Radar Images / E. A. Whittaker, P. A. Taylor, and E. G. Rivera-Valentín.
dc.format.extent 65 pages
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute en_U
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI contribution ; no. 2192
dc.subject Solar system--Congresses en_
dc.title Papers Presented at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Summer Intern Conference : August 8, 2019, Houston, Texas 2019 en
dc.title.alternative 35th Annual Summer Intern Conference (2019) en
dc.type Book en

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