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  • Meyer, Heather (JGR Planets, 2019-10-10)
    This shapefile contains the current global map of lunar light plains as published in the Meyer et al. paper entitled "The Global Distribution of Lunar Light Plains from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera" in JGR ...
  • Weber, Renee C.; Nagihara, Seiichi; Dimech, Jesse-Lee (NASA Planetary Data System,, 2020)
    This document contains information to explain the contents of the archive, which is submitted as a supplement to the integrated catalog of lunar seismic events that was delivered to the PDS, available here: https://pds-g ...
  • Schenk, Paul (2020-02-06)
    A new global 3-color base map mosaic of Europa has been produced by Dr. Paul Schenk at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, using Galileo and Voyager images. Geographic control uses updated image camera kernels for all ...
  • schenk, paul (2020-07-20)
    Registered mosaics and DEMs for portions of floor of Occator crater, Ceres, from Dawn XM2 stereo images
  • Kring, David A.; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Schmieder, Martin (2021-01)
    Sulfur and carbon isotope analyses of Chicxulub samples described in an article published in the journal Astrobiology.
  • Martinez, German (2021-08-03)
    This dataset contains all the values necessary to reproduce each figure shown in the manuscript: Martinez et al., 2021, The Surface Energy Budget at Gale Crater during the first 2500 sols of the Mars Science Laboratory ...

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