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Press abstracts, Twelfth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference : March 16-20, 1981

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dc.description.abstract The Program Committee for the Twelfth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference has chosen these contributions as having the greatest potential interest for the general public. The papers in this collection have been written for general presentation, avoiding jargon and unnecessarily complex terms. More technical abstracts will be found in Lunar and Planetary Science XII. en
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Compiled by the Lunar and Planetary Institute.
dc.description.tableofcontents Press Summary for "Meteorites from the asteroid belt: the stony-iron connection," presented at the 12th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference / by Clark R. Chapman and Richard Greenberg--An Io thermal model with intermittent volcanism / Guy J. Consolmagno--Hypervelocity impact craters in icy media / S.K. Croft--Basalt fragments from Howardite meteorites and the multitude of planet-like bodies in the early solar system / Jeremy S. Delaney--Infrared spectroscopy of interplanetary dust in the laboratory / Philip B. Fraundorf, John J. Freeman, and Rajendra I. Patel--Soils and weathering processes in the dry valleys of Antarctica: analogs of the Martian regolith / Everett K. Gibson and Barbara Ransom--Modeling equilibrium partial melting: differentiation / John Longhi--Late-stage summit activity of Martian volcanoes / P.J .Mouginis-Mark--How Could a Large Meteorite Impact Kill Off the Dinosaurs? - Impact Mechanics of the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Bolide / by John D. O'Keefe and Thomas J. Ahrens--New components discovered in meteorites: clues to the early--History of the solar system / Edward R.D. Scott, G. Jeffrey Taylor, Alan E. Rubin, Susan McKinley, Akihiko Okada and Klaus Keil--The evolution of impact basins / Sean C. Solomon, James W. Head, and Steven R. Bratt--The behavior of water in the giant planets / D.J. Stevenson, and E. Fishbein--Experimental study of the crystallization sequences of Ca-Al-rich inclusions in Allende / Edward Stolper--A model for synthesis of methane in lunar soil / A.S. Tamhane--Chemistry of the Earth and the significance of primary and secondary objects for the formation of planets and meteorite parent bodies / H. Wanke, G. Dreibus, E. Jagoutz, H. Palme and W. Rammensee--On the Source of Liquid H2O in the Carbonaceous Chondrite Parent Bodies / L.L. Wilkening.
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dc.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI contribution ; no. 427
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dc.title Press abstracts, Twelfth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference : March 16-20, 1981 en
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