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Abstracts presented to the topical conference Origin of the Earth : Berkeley, California, December 1-3, 1988

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dc.description.abstract The subject of planetary evolution from inner solar system planetsimals through the formation and composition of the Earth's atmosphere and the physical structure of the Earth and the Moon is explored. en
dc.description.sponsorship Sponsored by Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA Johnson Space Center en
dc.description.tableofcontents PARTIAL CONTENTS: Intense Early Bombardment and its Effects on Primordial Earth / D.H. Grinspoon and W.K. Hartmann -- Stabilisation and Evolution of the Continental Lithosphere / C.J. Hawkesworth, R.M. Ellam, F. McDermott, and N.W. Rogers -- Experimental Constraints on the Formation of the Earth's Upper and Lower Mantle / C.T. Herzberg and M.D. Feigenson -- Noble Gas Isotopes in Hawaiian Xenoliths / E. Heusser, T. Kirsten, A. Rocholl, and H. Richter--Mantle Reservoirs / A.W. Hofmann -- Does the Moon Have the Same Composition as the Terrestrial Upper Mantle? / J.H. Jones and L.L. Hood -- Axial Symmetry of Hotspot Isotopic Compositions: A Product of Core-Mantle Chemical Interactions? / J.S. Kargel and K.A. Foland -- Composition of Earth's Inner and Outer Core and Primitive Mantle / J.S. Kargel, D. Musselwhite, J.S. Lewis, and T. Swindle -- Accretion Processes in the Early Solar System on Data of Track Studies of Ordinary Chondrites / L.L. Kashkarov, N.N. Korotkova, A.Ya. Skripnik, and A.K. Lavrukhina -- Effect of Heavy Bombardment on the Chemical Composition of the Early Atmosphere / J.F. Kasting -- Planetesimal Effects on Planet Orbits, Spin, and Heating / W.M. Kaula -- The Formation and Evolution of the Earth's Core: Constraints from High-Pressure Experiments / E. Knittle, Q . Williams, and R. Jeanloz -- Giant Impacts and their Influence on the Early Earth / C. Koeberl and V.L. Sharpton -- Noble Gases in Oceanic Volcanic Rocks and Implications for the Terrestrial Mantle / M.D. Kurz -- Evidence for a Very Ancient Crustal Fragment in the Archean Slave Province / T.M. Kusky, S.A. Bowring, and C. Isachsen -- Numerical Simulation of Three-Body Interactions with an Energy Dissipation Subroutine for Close Encounters Between Two Bodies: Implications for Planetary Accretion and Planetoid Capture Processes / R.J. Malcuit, D.M. Mehringer, and R.R. Winters.
dc.format.extent ix, 112 pages
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI contribution ; no. 681
dc.subject Earth (Planet)--Origin--Congresses en
dc.subject Earth (Planet)--Internal structure--Congresses en
dc.title Abstracts presented to the topical conference Origin of the Earth : Berkeley, California, December 1-3, 1988 en
dc.title.alternative Origin of the Earth en
dc.type Book en

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