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Volcanic features of Hawai'i and other worlds

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dc.contributor Mouginis-Mark, Peter J.
dc.coverage.spatial Hawaii 2018-03-23T20:19:09Z 2018-03-23T20:19:09Z 1981
dc.identifier.issn 0161-5297
dc.description LPI slide set converted to a PowerPoint set by the staff of the Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility, Cornell University en
dc.description.abstract This slide set is intended to show that although Hawaiian volcanos are small when compared to those found on the other planets, we can learn a considerable amount about how the extraterrestrial features were formed. Through the comparison of the size of lava flow fields and the dimensions of channels on volcanos, the mode of emplacement of deposits seen in Viking Orbiter, Apollo, Voyager, and Magellan images can be inferred. Furthermore, by using Hawaiian volcanos as test sites for the analysis of remote sensing instruments such as imaging radars and thermal infrared spectrometers, the planetary volcanologists can better infer the physical characteristics of volcanos on the different planets. en
dc.description.statementofresponsibility compiled by Peter Mouginis-Mark
dc.description.tableofcontents 1. Olympus Mons, Mars-Hawaii Comparison--2. The 1859 Mauna Loa Lava Flow, Ha--3. A'a Lava Flow, Hawaii--4. Pahoehoe Lava Flow, Hawaii--5. Pahoehoe Lava Flow, Hawaii--6. Lava Flow Field, Elysium Planitia, Mars--7. Ra Patera, Io--8. Sapas Mons, Venus--9. Pu'u O'o Lava Channel, Hawaii--10. Thurston Lava Tube, Hawaii--11. Marius Hills, Moon--12. Hadley Rille, Moon--13. Fire Fountain Eruption, Pu'u O'o, Hawaii--14. Alphonsus Crater, Lunar Nearside--15. Lava-Sea Interactions, Kilauea, Hawaii--16. Ash Deposits, Koko Crater, Oahu, Hawaii--17. Channels on Koko Crater, Oahu, Hawaii--18. Summit of Tyrrhena Patera, Mars--19. Temperature Measurements, Kupaianaha Lava Lake, Hawaii--20. Volcanos on Io--21. Vesicular Volcanic Rock, Hawaii--22. Apollo 15 Rock, Moon--23. Boulder Field, Halemaumau Crater, Hawaii--24. Surface of Moon at Taurus-Littrow--25. Viking 2 Landing Site, Utopia Planitia, Mars--26. SIR-B Radar Data and Air Photography, Kilauea, Hawaii--27. December 1974 Lava Flow, Kilauea, Hawaii--28. A'a Topography, December 1974 Lava Flow, Kilauea, Hawaii--29. Pahoehoe Topography, December 1974 Lava Flow, Kilauea, Hawaii--30. Radar-Dark Lava Flows, Lavinia Planitia, Venus--31. Lava Flows at Summit of Sif Mons, Venus--32. Mauna Loa Volcano and Mauna Kea Cinder Cones--33. Sif Mons Volcano, Venus--34. Vent Area, December 1974 Lava Flow, Kilauea, Hawaii--35. Oahu, Hawaii--36. Summit Caldera, Olympus Mons--37. Olympus Mons Caldera Topography and Chronology--38. Mauna Kea Summit--39. Mauna Loa, Hawaii--40. Mokuaweoweo Caldera, Mauna Loa, Hawaii.
dc.format.extent 40 slides
dc.format.mimetype application/mspowerpoint
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute en
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI contribution ; no. 1175
dc.subject Volcanoes--Hawaii--Slides en
dc.subject Volcanoes--Slides en
dc.subject.lcc QE521
dc.title Volcanic features of Hawai'i and other worlds en
dc.title.alternative Volcanic features of Hawaii and other worlds en
dc.type Image en
dc.type Slides en
dc.type still image en

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