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Workshop on Parent-Body and Nebular Modification of Chondritic Materials : held at Maui, Hawai'i July 17-19, 1997

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dc.contributor.editor Zolensky, M. E. (Michael E.)
dc.contributor.editor Scott, Edward R. D.
dc.contributor.editor Krot, A. N. 2017-09-26T15:17:10Z 2017-09-26T15:17:10Z 1997
dc.identifier.other LPI0641
dc.identifier.other (OCoLC)1033410951
dc.description.abstract Topics considered include: thermal Metamorphosed Antarctic CM and CI Carbonaceous Chondrites in Japanese Collections, and Transformation Processes of Phyllosilicates; use of Oxygen Isotopes to Constrain the Nebular and Asteroidal Modification of Chondritic Materials; effect of Revised Nebular Water Distribution on Enstatite Chondrite Formation; interstellar Hydroxyls in Meteoritic Chondrules: Implications for the Origin of Water in the Inner Solar System; theoretical Models and Experimental Studies of Gas-Grain Chemistry in the Solar Nebula; chemical Alteration of Chondrules on Parent Bodies, and other subjects.
dc.description.sponsorship sponsored by Lunar and Planetary Institute ... [and others].
dc.description.statementofresponsibility edited by M.E. Zolensky, A.N. Krot, and E.R.D. Scott ; hosted by Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology University of Hawai'i
dc.description.tableofcontents Evaporation Behavior of Minerals and Silicate Melt in Vacuum and in Hydrogen Gas / H. Nagahara -- Rubidium-Strontium Isotopic Systematics of Chondrules from the Antarctic CV Chondrites Yamato 86751 and Yamato 86009: Additional Evidence for Late Parent-Body Modification / N Nakamura, T. Kani, and G. Kondorosi -- Experimental Study on Formation of Secondary Minerals in Calcium-Aluminum-rich Inclusions in Carbonaceous Chondrites / K. Nomura and M. Miyamoto -- Impact Melting, Metal-Silicate Fractionation, and Volatile-Element Mobility on the L-Chondrite Parent Body / M.D. Norman -- Formation ofSing1e-Domain Iron Particles: Implications for the Nebula / J.A. Nuth and P.A. Withey -- Oxygen-Fugacity Indicators in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Parent-Body Alteration or High-Temperature Nebular Oxidation? / H Palme -- Thermodynamic Modeling of Aqueous Alteration in CV Chondrites / M.I. Petaev and M. V Mironenko -- Antarctic LL Chondrites / A.M. Reid -- Alteration of Presolar Dust Based on Transmission Electron Microscope/Analytical Electron Microscope Studies of Chondritic Interplanetary Dust Particles and Nonequilibrium Simulation Experiments / F.J.M. Rietmeijer, F. Guofei, and J. M Kamer -- Correlation of Water of Hydration with Diameter in Tholen E-class and M -class Asteroids / A.S. Rivkin, D.T. Britt, L.A. Lebofsky, E.S. Howell, and B.E. Clark -- Alteration of Calcium-Aluminum-rich Inclusions: Times and Places / S.S. Russell and G.J. MacPherson -- Evidence from the Bovedy (L3) Chondrite for Impact-generated Chondrules / I.S. Sanders.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en
dc.relation.ispartofseries LPI technical report ; 97-02.
dc.relation.ispartofseries NASA contractor report ; NASA CR-205523
dc.title Workshop on Parent-Body and Nebular Modification of Chondritic Materials : held at Maui, Hawai'i July 17-19, 1997
dc.title.alternative Parent-body and nebular modification of chondritic materials
dc.type Technical Report
dc.type Book
dc.type Technical Report
dcterms.extent x, 71, xiii, 18 pages
dcterms.publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute
dcterms.subject Chondrites (Meteorites)--Congresses.

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