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  • Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-2004; Watkins, Carolyn (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    A collection of short papers covering the variety of research conducted on the samples returned by Apollo 15.
  • Watkins, Carolyn (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    Topics discussed include the first substantial results of mineralogical and petrological investigations of the Apollo 14 samples from the Fra Mauro landing site, initial results of investigations of the Apollo 15 samples, ...
  • Watkins, Carolyn; Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-2004 (Lunar Science Institute, 1972)
    The mineralogy, petrology, chemistry, isotopic composition, and physical properties of lunar materials are described in papers detailing methods, results, and implications of research on samples returned from eight lunar ...

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