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  • Morris, Richard V.; Rampe, E. B.; Vaniman, David; Christoffersen, Roy; Yen, A. S.; Morrison, S. M.; Ming, D. W. (Douglas W.); Achilles, C. N.; Fraeman, A. A.; Le, L.; Tu, V. M.; Ott, J. P.; Treiman, Allan H.; Hogancamp, J. V.; Graff, T. G.; Adams, M.; Hamilton, J. C.; Mertzman, S. A.; Bristow, Thomas F.; Blake, D. F.; Castle, N.; Chipera, S. J.; Craig, Patricia I.; Marais, D. J. Des; Downs, G.; Downs, R. T.; Morookian, J. M.; Thorpe, M. (2020-06-19)
    A layer of weathering‐resistant material is located within the walls of an erosional gully of the Pu'u Poliahu cinder cone in the summit region of Maunakea volcano (Hawai'i). The volcanic cone, initially composed of unaltered ...
  • Schmitt, Harrison H.; Heiken, Grant; Vaniman, David; French, Bevan M. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2005)
    The Lunar Sourcebook, a concisely presented collection of data gathered during the American and Soviet missions, is an accessible and complete one-volume reference encyclopedia of current scientific and technical information ...

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