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  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Jakeš, Petr (Pergamon Press, 1974)
    In this paper we consider the evidence for and the implications of homogeneous accretion of the moon. Inter-element ratios are used to calculate the composition of the highland crust.
  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Jakeš, Petr (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1977)
    The volatile elements (e.g., Rb, Pb, Tl, Bi, Cs) seem to have been depleted at the time of lunar hide accretion. Accordingly, it may be assumed that the moon initially accreted from refractory material. The good correlation ...
  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925- (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1982)
    An interpretative synthesis of current knowledge on the moon and the terrestrial planets is presented, emphasizing the impact of recent lunar research (using Apollo data and samples) on theories of planetary morphology and ...
  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Johnson, P.; Martin, R.; Bennett, D.; Allen, J.; Nance, W. (Pergamon Press, 1970)
    A description is given of the analytical methods employed in the preliminary examination of the Apollo 11 lunar samples. The reasons for the selection of the techniques are discussed. Values used for calibration standards ...

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