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Browsing by Subject "Space flight to the moon."

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  • Atchison, Kenneth C. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1972)
  • Manned Spacecraft Center (U.S.). Flight Planning Branch. Crew Procedures Division. (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972)
  • Unknown author (Advanced Missions Program Office, Manned Spacecraft Center, 1969)
    This document is the Manned Spacecraft Center plan for a program of Apollo lunar exploration. Its purposes are to present the plan for the program and to be a basic tool for mission design and control. Its companion document, ...
  • Unknown author (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972)
    This document defines the mission objectives and experiments for Apollo Mission J-3. The detailed objectives and experiment are derived from the Mission Implementation Plan. This Mission Requirements document provides ...
  • Lostak, Daryl R. (Mission Planning and Analysis Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972)
    Tables "present major event timeline data for the nominal Apollo 17 missions launched on January 6, 1973, 01:21 G.m.t. (T+24) (January 5, 1973, 19:21 c.s.t.), and January 7, 1973, 01:28 G.m.t. (T+48) (January 6, 1973, 19:28 ...
  • Manned Spacecraft Center (U.S.). Flight Control Division. (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1971)
    Defines the specific plans for supporting the Apollo 15 science and experiment activities during the flight phase of the mission.

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