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  • Morris, Richard V.; Rampe, E. B.; Vaniman, David; Christoffersen, Roy; Yen, A. S.; Morrison, S. M.; Ming, D. W. (Douglas W.); Achilles, C. N.; Fraeman, A. A.; Le, L.; Tu, V. M.; Ott, J. P.; Treiman, Allan H.; Hogancamp, J. V.; Graff, T. G.; Adams, M.; Hamilton, J. C.; Mertzman, S. A.; Bristow, Thomas F.; Blake, D. F.; Castle, N.; Chipera, S. J.; Craig, Patricia I.; Marais, D. J. Des; Downs, G.; Downs, R. T.; Morookian, J. M.; Thorpe, M. (2020-06-19)
    A layer of weathering‐resistant material is located within the walls of an erosional gully of the Pu'u Poliahu cinder cone in the summit region of Maunakea volcano (Hawai'i). The volcanic cone, initially composed of unaltered ...
  • Rampe, E. B.; Craig, Patricia I.;; Treiman, Allan H.; (Elsevier, 2017-05-12)
    The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover has been traversing strata at the base of Aeolis Mons (informally known as Mount Sharp) since September 2014. The Murray formation makes up the lowest exposed strata of the Mount ...
  • Rampe, E. B.; Castle, N.;; Treiman, Allan H.; (American Geophysical Union, 2018-08-29)
    Remote sensing data from orbit indicate that wind-blown sands in the Bagnold Dune Field in Gale crater, Mars, are sorted by their composition. The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover studied the Bagnold Dune Field at ...

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