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  • Jordan, Rolando L. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory. California Institute of Technology., 1973)
    The purpose of the work reported on herein was to demonstrate the possibility of enhancing the subsurface feature detection probability by digital processing and filtering.
  • Adams, G. F. (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, 1974-08-15)
    The Apollo Lunar Sounder Experiment was flown on the Apollo 17 mission in December, 1972. The Environmental Research Institute of Michigan Precision Optical Processor was used to process the data obtained during this ...
  • Taylor, Patrick A.; Rivera-Valentín, Edgard G.; Bonsall, Amber (2020)
    Any breakdown of the planetary radar programs using single-dish radio telescopes would be detrimental to planetary defense and small-body science and exploration on the timescale of the decadal survey.
  • Rivera-Valentín, Edgard G.; Taylor, Patrick A.; Sanchez-Vahamonde, Carolina Rodriguez; Hickson, Dylan; Neish, Catherine; Brozović, Marina; Whitten, Jennifer; Meyer, Heather; Busch, Michael W.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Campbell, Donald B.; Margot, Jean-Luc; Virkki, Anne K.; Venditti, Flaviane C. F.; Nolan, Michael C.; Howell, Ellen S.; Womack, Maria; Pinilla-Alonso, Noemí;; (2020)
    A white paper submitted to the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032. Here, we discuss several community-identified priority science questions that ground-based radar studies are particularly suited ...
  • Virkki, Anne K.; Taylor, Patrick A.; Busch, Michael W.; Howell, Ellen S.; Rivera-Valentín, Edgard G.; Fernandez, Yanga; Benner, Lance A. M.; Brozović, Marina; Becker, Tracy M.; Marshall, Sean E.; Hickson, Dylan; Masiero, Joseph; Springmann, Alessondra; Paganelli, Flora; Venditti, Flaviane C. F.; Busch, Michael W.; Zambrano Marín, Luisa F.; Lopez Oquendo, Andy; Womack, Maria; Brucker, Melissa J.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Nolan, Michael C. (2020)
    In the next decade, in addition to continuing as a state-of-the-art astrometric tool for planetary defense, we expect ground-based radar observations to expand our knowledge of the physical characteristics of the near-Earth ...
  • Taylor, Patrick A.;; Rivera-Valentín, Edgard G.;; Bonsall, Amber; Becker, Tracy M.; Benner, Lance A. M.; Bhiravarasu, Sriram S.;; Brozović, Marina; Busch, Michael W.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Ghigo, Frank D.; Harris, Alan W.; Magri, Christopher; Mainzer, Amy K.; Margot, Jean-Luc; Marshall, Sean E.; Masiero, Joseph; Naidu, Shantanu P.; Nolan, Michael C.; Patterson, Gerald W.; Prockter, Louise; Sizemore, Hanna G.; Swindle, Timothy D.; Venditti, Flaviane C. F.; Virkki, Anne K. (2020)
    Satisfying federal mandates requires continued and expanded support of planetary radar programs, upgrades to the facilities that host the planetary radar systems, and adequate communication between Congress and all relevant ...

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