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  • Hinners, N. W. (Noel W.) (Bellcomm, Incorporated., 1966)
    In view of engineering difficulties , the requirement that ALSEP operate successfully even when thermal-control surfaces are 100 percent "dust" covered is reviewed.
  • Perkins, Donald H. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1976)
    The objectives of the Lunar Ejecta and Meteorites Experiment (LEAM) were to measure the long-term variations in cosmic dust influx rates and the extent and nature of the lunar ejecta. While analyzing these characteristics ...
  • Barbour, R.; Foster, Robert. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the modifications necessary to provide dust protection to the ALSEP systems to be flown on Apollo 14 and subsequent missions. Specifically, this includes all items that require ...
  • Calarese, M. J. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    This report presents the results of a Gross Hazard Analysis conducted to evaluate the Lunar Ejecta and Micrometeoroid Experiment (LEAM) for potential hazards.
  • Van Hoorde, G. R. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    The purpose of this ATM is to document the results of the parts application analysis study performed on the LEAM Experiment.
  • Kaliniec, L. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    Since Parylene C, of which the present LEAM DVT sensor films are made, is stronger than Parylene N, of which the Pioneer dust detector sensor films were made, it was deemed reasonable to study whether or not the film support ...
  • Van Hoorde, G. R. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    Presented herein are the results of the reliability analysis conducted on the LEAM. This ATM comprises reliability numerical analysis, reliability mathematical models, failure modes, effects and criticality analysis, and ...
  • Perkins, Derek. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    A development program was defined to determine the characteristics required by the front film to survive the lunar environment and also to benefit from any recent developments in the state of the art of Parylene deposition ...
  • Van Hoorde, G. R. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    There are no Time Sensitive Cycle Items used on the LEAM Experiments.

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