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  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Jakeš, Petr (Pergamon Press, 1974)
    In this paper we consider the evidence for and the implications of homogeneous accretion of the moon. Inter-element ratios are used to calculate the composition of the highland crust.
  • Taylor, Stuart Ross, 1925-; Jakeš, Petr (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1977)
    The volatile elements (e.g., Rb, Pb, Tl, Bi, Cs) seem to have been depleted at the time of lunar hide accretion. Accordingly, it may be assumed that the moon initially accreted from refractory material. The good correlation ...
  • Reid, Arch M.; Warner, Jeffrey L.; Ridley, W. I.; Johnston, Dennis A.; Harmon, Russell S.; Jakeš, Petr; Brown, Roy W. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    Data on the major element composition of glasses in Apollo 11, 12, and 14 and Luna 16 soils have been classified into groupings of preferred compositions by cluster analysis techniques. These preferred compositions are ...

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