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  • Kiefer, Walter S.;; Nagihara, Seiichi; Grott, Matthias; Siegler, Matthew; Zacny, Kris (2020)
    On the Moon, in situ measurements of heat flow were made at the Apollo 15 and 17 landing sites [1-3] and are planned to be made in Mare Crisium on the 2023 Commercial Lunar Payload System (CLPS) mission. Measuring heat ...
  • Siegler, Matthew; Nagihara, Seiichi; Grott, Matthias; Warren, Paul Horton; Paige, David A.; Kiefer, Walter S.;; Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Wieczorek, Mark A. (2020)
    Geothermal heat flow is a fundamental measure of the internal composition of a planet. On the Moon (which has lost much of its heat of formation, is not strongly tidally heated, and is not likely to have strong mantle ...

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