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  • Boyce, Jeremy W.; Treiman, Allan H.;; Guan, Yunbin; Ma, Chi; Eiler, John M.; Gross, Juliane; Greenwood, James P.; Stolper, Edward M. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2015-09-25)
    The Moon contains chlorine that is isotopically unlike that of any other body yet studied in the Solar System, an observation that has been interpreted to support traditional models of the formation of a nominally hydrogen-free ...
  • Udry, Arya; Filiberto, Justin;; Gross, Juliane; Schmidt, Mariek; Rogers, Deanne; Hausrath, Libby; Wiens, Roger; Lanza, Nina (2020-07)
    This white paper summarizes the scientific importance of studying igneous compositions in meteorites, surface samples, and through orbital analyses to better constrain the geology of Mars as a whole and better understand ...
  • Jolliff, B. L. (Brad L.); Gross, Juliane; Shearer, Charles K; Head, James W.; Lapen, Thomas J.; Crow, Carolyn A.; Barnes, Jessica J.; Mitchell, Julie L. (2020)
    Samples are needed to address scientific as well as engineering knowledge gaps. Samples collected during the Apollo missions have been studied for five decades and continue to be investigated vigorously. Because of the ...
  • Stroud, Rhonda; Barnes, Jessica J.; Nittler, Larry R., 1969-; Gross, Juliane; Davidson, Jemma; Corrigan, Catherine; Ishii, Hope; Cook, Jamie Elsila; Filiberto, Justin; Lawrence, Samuel J. (Samuel James), 1978-; Zolensky, M. E. (Michael E.); Schrader, Devin; Cohen, Barbara; McKeegan, Kevin; Curation and Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials (2020)
    We advocate for a robust allocation of resources needed to curate the existing samples, conduct targeted expansion of the collections, train the next generation of planetary materials analysts, and advance the state-of-the-art ...

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