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  • Greeley, Ronald; Fink, J.; Gault, Donald E.; Snyder, D. B.; Guest, John, 1938-2012; Schultz, Peter H., 1944- (Pergamon Press, 1980)
    Martian multilobed craters ("splosh" craters, rampart craters, etc.) may involve fluidization of ejecta as a result of entrained water, melted/vaporized ice, and /or aerodynamically decelerated ejecta. To determine the ...
  • Schultz, Peter H., 1944-; Greeley, Ronald; Gault, Donald E. (Pergamon Press, 1977)
    Analysis of statistics of craters between 5 and 500 m reveals three major size-frequency distribution types that appear to be related to unit type.
  • Baker, Victor R.; Carr, M. H. (Michael H.); Fanale, Fraser; Greeley, Ronald; Haberle, Robert M.; Leovy, Conway; Maxwell, Ted (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1987)
    The geological, atmospheric, and climatic history of Mars is explored in reviews and reports of recent observational and interpretive investigations.
  • Clifford, Stephen Mark, 1952-; Haberle, Robert M.; Greeley, Ronald (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1988)
    The scientific highlights of the Mars: Evolution of its Climate and Atmosphere (MECA) study project are reviewed and some of the important issues in Martian climate research that remain unresolved are discussed.

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