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  • Redick, Ronald L. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    As a result of recent activities involving Boydbolts for A-2, an additional step in the crew procedures should be added in the event that a spindle does not depress.
  • Hamill, Warren. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1967)
    This unscheduled ATM has been written to summarize and document all the design and testing effort conducted on the ALSEP fastener to date.
  • Maszatics, J.; Brueger, J. A. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    A series of tests were conducted in order to determine the affect upon the dynamic environment of the ALSEP subpackage #1 subsystems due to reducing the quantity of fasteners used to secure the pallet to the primary structure.
  • Foster, Robert. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    These preliminary dynamic tests were run subsequent to the Boydbolt static tests. The purpose was to (1) check out the revised installation technique (procedure 2. 33597 5, Revision C), (2.) examine the Boydbolt with the ...
  • Foster, Robert. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    This report summarizes the static component tests of the Boydbolt Fasteners. The detailed procedure is covered in BSR 2448 (AtR-105).
  • Owens, J. H., Jr. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    This report covers a design and analysis investigation of the ALSEP compartment #1 sun shield pallet fastener tie down system, with the purpose of reducing the number of fasteners that the astronaut must release at time ...

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