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  • Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.; Breuer, Doris; Byrne, Paul; Buczkowski, Debra L.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Davaille, A.; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby); Di Achille, G.; Fassett, Caleb; Gilmore, Martha S.; Grimm, Robert E.; Helbert, Jorn; Hensley, Scott; Herrick, Robert R.; Iess, Luciano; Jozwiak, Lauren; Katiaria, Tiffany; Mastrogiuseppe, Marco; Mazarico, Erwan; Mueller, Nils; Nunes, Daniel; O'Rourke, Joseph; McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); Raguso, Maria; Stock, Joann; Tsang, Constantine; Widemann, Thomas; Whitten, Jennifer; Widemann, Thomas; Zebker, Howard (2020)
    Although supremely unhospitable to life today, Venus’s geodynamic similarities to Earth provide the ultimate control case for understanding rocky planet evolution and habitability. It very likely had past long-term surface ...
  • Head, James W.; Schmitt, Harrison H.; Scott, D. R.; Duke, Charlie, 1935-; Borg, Lars E.; Fassett, Caleb; Jolliff, B. L. (Brad L.); Neal, Clive R.; Pieters, Carlé M.; Shearer, Charles K. (2020)
    For the Artemis-targeted unique lunar South-Circumpolar Region, we outline its Moon-wide context and major scientific problems and assess the optimal sampling strategy for initial and early Artemis human exploration missions ...
  • Radebaugh, Jani; Thomson, Bradley; Archinal, B. A.; Beyer, Ross A.; DellaGiustina, Dani; Fassett, Caleb; Gaddis, Lisa; Goossens, Sander J.; Hare, Trent; Laura, Jay; Mouginis-Mark, Peter J.; Naß, Andrea; Patthoff, Alex; Stopar, Julie;; Sutton, Sarah (planetary geoscientist); Williams, David A. (Planetary geologist); Hagerty, Justin; Prockter, Louise; (2020)
    Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (PSDI) is a collection of data, tools, standards, policies, and the people that use and engage with them. A PSDI comprises an overarching support system for planetary spatial data. ...

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