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  • Beaty, D. W. (David W.); Boston, Penelope J.; Carrier, Brandi; Hays, Lindsay; Meyer, Michael; Voytek, Mary A. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2019)
    Focused on understanding and discussing strategies for exploring for extant life on Mars. We are especially interested in hypotheses that can be tested by means of robotic spacecraft sent to Mars, and hypotheses that can ...
  • Beaty, D. W. (David W.); Carrier, Brandi;; Diniega, Serina;; Ehlmann, Bethany;; Meyer, Michael (Planetary scientist); Zurek, Richard William, 1947-; (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2019)
    This meeting aims to fulfill three purposes: 1. To synthesize changed paradigms in Mars evolution and pull together the breadth of current Mars knowledge 2. Based on current understandings of Mars’ history, state, and ...

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