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  • Simonds, Charles H.; Phinney, William C.; Warner, Jeffrey L.; McGee, Patricia E.; Geeslin, Jill; Brown, Roy W.; Rhodes, J. Michael (Pergamon Press, 1977)
    Study of the large Apollo 14 rocks supplemented by petrographic and chemical studies of the previously undescribed comprehensive sample suggests that the Apollo 14 samples were formed by the same processes which operated ...
  • Steele, Ian M.; Irving, Anthony J.; Smith, Joseph V. (Pergamon Press, 1977)
    The major features of 22 Apollo 15 breccia rake samples are described, and 30 lithic clasts in these samples are classified as KREEP basalts (9), mare basalts (11), or "ANT" (10) based on chemical data for plagioclase, ...
  • Onorato, P. I. K.; Uhlmann, D. R.; Simonds, Charles H. (Pergamon Press, 1976)
    Results of calculations for the cooling of an impact melt sheet are reported for the sheet sampled by the Apollo 17 Station 6 Boulder. The calculations were based on a two-stage cooling model involving a short initial phase ...
  • Warner, Jeffrey L.; Simonds, Charles H.; Phinney, William C. (Pergamon Press, 1974)
    A synthesis of the relevant data concerning lunar highland polymict breccias from the fields of petrography, chemistry, photogeology, and impact studies compels the prediction that the breccias should have homogeneous ...
  • Phinney, William C.; Simonds, Charles H.; McKay, David S.; Warner, Jeffrey L. (Pergamon Press, 1976)
    Matrix textures of 41 lunar breccias ranging from very friable soil clods through coherent microbreccias and tough vitric breccias to tough, fine-grained crystalline breccias were examined petrographically by means of the ...
  • Dunlop, D. J.; Gose, W. A.; Pearce, G. W.; Strangway, D. W. (Pergamon Press, 1973)
    Based on a detailed study of time-dependent or viscous remanence (VRM), thermoremanence (TRM) and magnetic granulometry of soil breccia 14313, single-domain particles of iron 100-200 Å in size are proposed as the major ...
  • Gose, W. A.; Pearce, G. W.; Strangway, D. W.; Larson, E. E. (Pergamon Press, 1972)
    The magnetic properties of Apollo 14 breccias can be explained in terms of the grain size distribution of the interstitial iron which is directly related to the metamorphic grade of the sample.

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