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  • Razzell Hollis, Joseph; Moore, Kelsey R.; Sharma, Sunanda; Beegle, Luther W.; Grotzinger, John P.; Allwood, Abigail; Abbey, William; Bhartia, Rohit; Brown, Adrian J.; Clark, Benton C.; Cloutis, Edward Anthony, 1958-; Corpolongo, Andrea; Henneke, Jesper; Hickman-Lewis, Keyron; Hurowitz, Joel A.; Jones, Michael W. M.; Liu, Yang; Martínez-Frías, Jesús; Murphy, Ashley; Pedersen, David A. K.; Shkolyar, Svetlana; Siljeström, Sandra; Steele, Andrew; Tice, Michael M.; Treiman, Allan H.; Uckert, Kyle; VanBommel, Scott J.; Yanchilina, Anastasia G. (Elsevier, 2022-11-15)
    We present a synthesis of PIXL elemental data and SHERLOC Raman spectra collected on two targets investigated by the Perseverance rover during the first year of its exploration of Jezero Crater, Mars. The Bellegarde target ...
  • Fries, Marc D.; Lee, Carina; Bhartia, Rohit; Razzell Hollis, Joseph; Beegle, Luther W.; Uckert, Kyle; Graff, Trevor G.; Abbey, William; Bailey, Zachary; Berger, Eve L.; Burton, Aaron S.; Calaway, Michael J.; Cardarelli, Emily L.; Davis, Kristine N.; DeFlores, Lauren; Edgett, Kenneth S.; Fox, Allison C.; Garrison, Daniel H.; Haney, Nikole C.; Harrington, Roger S.; Jakubek, Ryan S.; Kennedy, Megan R.; Hickman-Lewis, Keyron; McCubbin, Francis M.; Miller, Ed; Monacelli, Brian; Pollock, Randy; Rhodes, Richard; Siljeström, Sandra; Sharma, Sunanda; Smith, Caroline L.; Steele, Andrew; Sylvia, Margarite; Tran, Vinh D.; Weiner, Ryan H.; Yanchilina, Anastasia G.; Aileen Yingst, R. (Springer Nature, 2022-08-22)
    The Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman and Luminescence for Organics and Chemicals (SHERLOC) is a robotic arm-mounted instrument onboard NASA’s Perseverance rover. SHERLOC combines imaging via two cameras with both ...

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