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  • Coustenis, Athena; Atreya, S. K.; Balint, T.; Brown, H. R.; Dougherty, M.; Schenk, Paul M. (Springer, 2008-07-08)
    TandEM was proposed as an L-class (large) mission in response to ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015–2025 Call, and accepted for further studies, with the goal of exploring Titan and Enceladus.
  • Karl, Rita (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1999)
    Contains the lessons to be used with the CD, 3-D Tour of the Solar System. The major topics are stereo imagery, space exploration, the Solar System and planetary geology.
  • Unknown author (Teledyne Earth Sciences., 1968)
    This technical manual provides operation and maintenance instructions for the Passive Seismic Experiment Subsystem, Part Number: 233000, manufactured by Teledyne Industries, Earth Sciences Division, Pasadena, California ...
  • Unknown author (Coded Communications Corporation, 1975)
    Proposal for tape reader.
  • Cook, R. G. (Mapping Science Department. Manned Spacecraft Center., 1971)
    This report presents the techniques used in compiling the Apollo 12 Landing Site Surface and Experiment Locations Map.
  • McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); White, Oliver L.; Schenk, Paul M. (AGU, 2021-11-25)
    The bright Sputnik Planitia region on Pluto is a vast plain consisting of a deposit of frozen nitrogen that fills a broad depressed area. The depression is probably the result of a large object colliding with Pluto; such ...
  • De, Bibhas R. (Pergamon Press, 1977)
    A general formalism is presented for calculating the internal temperature of solid particles ("grains") in a colloidal plasma in space. Some illustrative calculations of the grain temperatures as a function of the plasma ...
  • Reynolds, W. E. (Bendix Corporation, Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    This ATM documents the results of calibration tests performed on Fenwal Model GB42MM62 and Tylan FG108N temperature sensors. The calibration was performed on a sample lot of 30 GB42MM62 sensors and on a sample lot of 7 ...
  • Head, James W.; McGetchin, Thomas R. (Thomas Richard), 1936-1979; Papike, J. J. (James Joseph), 1937-2020 (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1978-08)
    The materials on the following pages are from viewgraphs and information presented at a reunion of former astronauts held at the Johnson Space Center in August 1978. These briefing notes do not constitute a formal publication ...
  • Koeberl, Christian, 1959-; Sharpton, Virgil L. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2001)
    Orbital and aerial views of impact craters on Earth; some extraterrestrial structures included for comparison.
  • Marrus, Leslie D. (Bendix Corporation, Aerospace Systems Division, 1967)
    This is an unscheduled ATM dealing with the test and evaluation of the HFE, conducted by a BxA suited subject at the Mission and Crew Engineering test facility on 9 August 1967. The purpose of this test was to evaluate the ...
  • Perkins, Derek. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1967)
    The purpose of this document is to define the tests which must be carried out on the SIDE/CCGE Engineering Model at BxA prior to acceptance of the experiment at BxA and integration into ALSEP. This document covers the ...
  • Perkins, Derek.; Fithian, D. (Bendix, Aerospace Systems Division, 1974)
    This paper provides a review of test program requirements and operations applicable to space instruments systems. The Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP) test program is summarized and then evaluated in terms ...
  • Marshall Laboratories (Marshall Laboratories?, 1968)
    This report covers all testing accomplished to isolate the Cold Cathode Ion Gage (CCIG), part of the Cold Cathode Gage Experiment (CCGE) high voltage malfunction noted at Bendix Aerospace during thermal vacuum testing.
  • Magee, R. M. (Bendix Systems Division, 1967)
    This ATM has been prepared to document in some detail the more pertinent test results that were obtained during tests of the SIDE Electronic Breadboard in December 1966.
  • Zimbelman, James R.; Edgett, Kenneth S.; (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1992)
    The three Tharsis Montes shield volcanos, Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, and Ascraeus Mons, have broad similarities that have been recognized since the Mariner 9 reconnaissance in 1972. Upon closer examination the volcanos are ...
  • Hunt, Mahlon S. (Terrestrial Sciences Laboratory. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories., 1974)
    Instrumentation for the AFCRL lunar laser experiment was developed specifically for lunar laser ranging. Jointly supported by NASA and AFCRL, the experiment fulfilled the scientific objective of ranging to lunar retroreflectors ...
  • Wilson, H. W. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1967)
    Presents a discussion of the interdependence of ALSEP system electrical operation and the thermal balance of the electronics bay in the central station. The sensitivity of variations in electrical dissipation in the central ...
  • Smith, B. D. (1971)
    This paper describes the construction and operation of the instrument and the techniques that have been developed to achieve the required measurement precision.

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