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  • Bjorkholm, Paul J. (NSSDC?, 1973)
    This document consists of a temperature correction procedure supplied by Dr. Paul Bjockholm of American Science and Engineering, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Malhotra, R. C. (Lockheed Electronics Company, Houston Aerospace Systems Division, 1972-02)
    Finite-focused lunar surface 60 mm Hasselblad Cameras for Apollo Mission 16 were calibrated on the Wild T-4 Goniometer
  • Sullivan, Thomas A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1993)
    Reviews Apollo mission reports, preliminary science reports, technical crew debriefings, lunar surface operations plans, and various relevant lunar experiment documents, collecting engineering- and operation-specific ...
  • Allton, Judith Haley (NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, 1989-03)
    Summarizes the hardware that was used to collect and preserve lunar samples until the time that they were delivered to the receiving laboratory and curatorial facility at the Johnston Space Center. The catalog format was ...
  • Lofgren, Gary E.; Lofgren, Ellen M. (Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, 1981-08)
    Megascopic descriptions of 133 basaltic rocks returned from the Moon are presented along with photographs of each rock and its thin section, if available. The major and trace element chemistry of each is included wherever ...
  • Alvarez, Walter, 1940-; Koeberl, Christian, 1959- (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2000)
  • Douthat, D. Z. (Bendix Systems Division, 1966)
    This memorandum defines the manner in which central station heaters, power dumps and experiment standby are to be arranged. The five switched central station heaters are replaced by two switched power dumps.
  • Douthat, D. Z.; Neau, O. T.; Tosh, Warren M. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    This ATM summarizes the conditions which led to the ALSEP Central Station Discrepancy Report AA 7344 and analyzes the results of trouble shooting steps performed to isolate and define the anomaly. Recommendations are made ...
  • Tosh, Warren M. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    This unscheduled ATM is published to define the switching operation of the Central Station Timer and its interface with the Delayed Command Sequencer and Pulse Shaping Circuits of the Command Decoder.
  • Reasoner, David Lukens, 1941- (Rice University, 1974)
    This report describes past accomplishments in detail along with plans for future research programs using data from the instrument.
  • Krot, A. N.; Alexander, Conel (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2004)
    Attempts to understand how components in primitive chondrites and interplanetary dust particles were formed and thermally processed in the protoplanetary disk by comparing cosmochemical constraints with astronomical ...
  • Spudis, Paul D.; Bussey, Ben; (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1997)
    A selection of imagery and global data coverage obtained by the Clementine spacecraft.
  • Kemp, V. C. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
    This command list in Table 1, applies to Array A-2. This ATM also summarizes and collates the command usage for the Arrays A, B, C, A-2 and D in Tables 2 and 3.
  • Unknown author (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
    This command list applies to Array A-Z. Command lists for Arrays A, B and C (Flight Systems 1, 3, 4) are given in ATM-369 and the command list for Array D is given in ATM-872. This ATM also summarizes and collates the ...
  • Howell, R. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
  • Thomas, D. J. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    This listing of command allocations is applicable to ALSEP Array E, with the following complement of experiments: Lunar Surface Gravimeter, Lunar Ejecta and Meteorite, Lunar Seismic Profiling, Lunar Mass Spectrometer, Heat Flow.
  • Thomas, D. J. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1972)
    This listing of command allocations is applicable to ALSEP Array E, with the following complement of experiments: #1 Lunar Mass Spectrometer #2 Lunar Ejecta and Meteorites #3 Heat Flow #4 Lunar Surface Gravimeter #5 Lunar ...
  • Neau, O. T. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1969)
    This command list, applicable to Flight Models 1, 3 and 4 of ALSEP, supersedes previous editions. Flight Model #2 has been allocated for use in the EASEP program, commands for which are defined in EATM-4 (Rev. A) dated 1 ...
  • Bullock, Mark A. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2012)
    The purpose of the conference was to identify and explore physical and chemical climate processes that are shared among rocky planets with atmospheres, in order to advance scientific progress through detailed comparisons. ...
  • Lavin, W. J. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1972)
    An analysis has been performed on the LSP direct drive timers to determine if the inherent safety of the experiment has been compromised by the recent changes in the safe arm slide timer and battery timer designs.

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