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  • Sondeen, P. (Bendix Systems Division, 1966)
    This report contains a list of electronic common parts which are recommended for application in ALSEP equipment.
  • Cuzzi, Jeff; Gail, Hans-Peter, 1941- (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2017)
    The conference will focus on processes of star formation and of circumstellar disks that lead to planetary systems, like our own, with planetary bodies, both silicate-rich and volatile-rich. These planetary bodies and their ...
  • Liepa, L. V. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1967)
    The following is an analysis of the accuracy of redundant (Photographic) means of measuring grenade velocity as planned during ASE grenade firings at WSMR.
  • Bryer, Carl. (Bendix Systems Division, 1967)
    This ATM is written in response to an MSC request to document an analysis of grenade thrust beyond the launch tube.
  • Zimmer, J. (Bendix Systems Division, 1966)
    The engineering model test plan written by the Active Seismic Experiment Engineering Group. This outlines and describes the scope and objective of the test that will be made by the ASE Engineering Group with the engineering ...
  • Lanning, H. E. (Bendix Systems Division, 1966)
    This ATM determines the probability of sync, false sync, and the probability of loosing sync for an 11 bit and 6 bit frame sync code. The number of bits/frame range from 1344 to 4032. The amount of data lost during loss ...
  • Schmidt, R. A. (Bendix Systems Division, 1966)
    This ATM describes and compares three different word formats for the Active Seismic Experiment.
  • Redick, Ronald L. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    As a result of recent activities involving Boydbolts for A-2, an additional step in the crew procedures should be added in the event that a spindle does not depress.
  • Unknown author (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1988)
    The role of advanced analytical facilities; upgrading/replacement of the existing facilities; the relationship of advanced facilities to the present program; and possible facilities are examined. Major conclusions and ...
  • King, B.; Loverich, E. B. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1968)
    A redesign of the ALHT support pin has been accomplished. The strength of the pin has been effectively increased by approximately 60%, which will preclude failure of the pin in future tests.
  • Heinz, F. A. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1969)
    This ATM presents methods of computing alignment errors and typical errors at latitudes off the lunar equator using the present method of ALSEP alignment. Other methods of alignment are recommended at latitudes which exceed ...
  • Brecht, Julius J. (NSSDC?, 1973)
    Contains the experiment performance summary.
  • Clark, Edwin H. (Manned Spacecraft Center., 1969)
    This document contains the references for those areas that require a knowledge of how the Manned Space Flight Network and the Mission Control Center is configured for the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package and the ...
  • Bendix Aerospace Electronics Company (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division., 1970)
    Brief non-technical description of the first one-hundred days of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package
  • Unknown author (NASA, 1970-1971)
    Summary of Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Instrument Package (ALSEP 1) instruments. Placed on the Moon by the Apollo 12 astronauts, the reports begin about 89 days after the instruments were deployed.
  • O'Donnell, Bill.; Redmond, Charles (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1974)
  • Wadleigh, K. H.; Wiger, H. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
    This ATM presents the results of the structural dynamics analysis performed for the A2/SP-3 structural arrangement. Section I describes the dynamics portion, and Section II presents the stress analysis.
  • Patel, J. S. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1970)
    This report contains a list of electronic common parts which are recommended for application in ALSEP equipment.
  • Sondeen, P. (Bendix Aerospace Systems Division, 1971)
    The E Revision of ATM-241 adds requirements for selection, specification and screening to be consistent with the new NASA two (2) year life requirements. AMENDMENT 1 to Revision E dated July 16, 1971 is provided to amend ...

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