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USRA Houston Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Kremic, Tibor; Amato, Mike; Gilmore, Martha S.; Kiefer, Walter S.; Johnson, Natasha M.; Sauder, Jonathan; Hunter, G. W. (Gary W.); Thompson, Thomas; 0000-0001-6741-5460 (Glenn Research Center, 2021)
    A main purpose of this Venus Surface Platform Study is to understand platform capabilities required to achieve desired Venus interior-, surface-, and surface-atmosphere-related science. More generally, the original study ...
  • Unknown author (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1973)
    Transcription of the Apollo 17 Scientific Debriefing conducted at the Manned Spacecraft Center Building 30 Auditorium, Houston, TX, January 8, 1973.
  • Unknown author (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972-11-10)
    The purpose of the Apollo 17 Science Handbook is to provide a summary of key mission events and science activities as an overview for management personnel in the Science and Applications Directorate and for members of the ...
  • Baldwin, Richard R. (Planetary and Earth Sciences Division, Science and Applications Directorate, Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972-10-11)
    The Mission Science Planning Document (MSPD) is intended primarily as a science overview for use by experiment Principal Investigators, members of the scientific community, and personnel involved in planning science ...
  • Gerke, P. Donald (Manned Spacecraft Center, 1972-11)
    Descriptions of the onboard scientific equipment for the Apollo 17 Orbiter from November, 1972. Includes the Panoramic Camera, Lunar Mapping Camera, Laser Altimeter, Ultraviolet Spectrometer, Infrared Scanning Radiometer, ...

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