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USRA Houston Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Kring, David A. (David Allen); Barrett, Natasha; Bickel, Valentin Tertius; Satyakumar, Animireddi V.; Halim, Samuel; Gawronska, Aleksandra; Harish; Shah, Jahnavi; Boazman, Sarah (The Planetary Science Journal, 2022-12-22)
    Transformative lunar science will be driven by the accessibility, recovery, and return to Earth of geological specimens. Isolated boulders, rock exposures, and rocky craters at the lunar south pole all provide opportunities ...
  • Robbins, Stuart; Kirchoff, Michelle (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2022-08-10)
    The annual meeting is designed to present abstracts related to observational, theoretical, experimental, and numerical modeling studies of impact craters on planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, comets, or other small ...
  • Treiman, Allan H.; Kiefer, Walter S.; Way, Michael J. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2022-07-25)
    Thematically, the conference will focus on four main topics, while cementing the discussion around our knowledge of ancient Venus: 1. Accretion history of Venus; 2. Evolution of the volatile inventory and climate on Venus; ...
  • McGovern, Patrick (2021-12)
    This archive contains files used to create and plot results from the spherical shell loading models presented in the paper McGovern, P. J., O. L. White and P. M. Schenk (2021), Tectonism and Enhanced Cryovolcanic Potential ...
  • Tice, Michael M.; Hurowitz, Joel A.; Allwood, Abigail; Jones, Michael W. M.; Orenstein, Brendan J.; Davidoff, Scott; Wright, Austin P.; Pedersen, David A. K.; Henneke, Jesper; Tosca, Nicholas J.; Moore, Kelsey R.; Clark, Benton C.; McLennan, Scott M.; Flannery, David T.; Steele, Andrew; Brown, Adrian J.; Zorzano, Maria-Paz; Hickman-Lewis, Keyron; Liu, Yang; VanBommel, Scott J.; Schmidt, Mariek E.; Kizovski, Tanya V.; Treiman, Allan H.; O’Neil, Lauren; Fairén, Alberto G.; Shuster, David L.; Gupta, Sanjeev; THE PIXL TEAM (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2022-11-23)
    Here, we demonstrate that diffracted and fluoresced x-rays detected by the PIXL instrument (an x-ray fluorescence microscope on the Perseverance rover) provide information about the presence or absence of coherent crystalline ...

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