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USRA Houston Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); (2020)
    Here I identify the next steps that would unleash the potential of the vast range of volcanic phenomena recorded at the surface of Venus to inform, or perhaps transform, studies of Venus’ evolution and the volcanic expressions ...
  • Haynes, Mark; Virkki, Anne K.; Venditti, Flaviane C. F.; Hickson, Dylan; Pinilla-Alonso, Noemí; Brisset, Julie; Benner, Lance A. M.; Raymond, Carol A.; Lazio, Joseph; Freeman, Anthony; Castillo-Rogez, Julie; Asphaug, Erik Ian; Taylor, Patrick A.; Herique, Alain; Kofman, Wlodek; Sava, Paul; Pajola, Maurizio; Lucchetti, Alice; De Pra, Mario Nascimento; Rivera-Valentín, Edgard G. (2020)
    This white paper summarizes the science opportunities, state of the art, and outstanding knowledge gaps, with a particular emphasis on the 99942 Apophis encounter when it flies by within six Earth radii (near the outer ...
  • Halim, Samuel; Barrett, Natasha; Boazman, Sarah; Gawronska, Aleksandra; Gilmour, Cosette; Harish; McCanaan, Kathryn; Satyakumar , Animireddi V.; Shah, Jahnavi; Kring, David A. (David Allen) (Elsevier, 2021-01-15)
    The lunar south pole, on the rim of Shackleton crater, is the target for the next human landing on the Moon. We use numerical modeling to investigate the formation of that crater and the distribution of ejecta around the ...
  • Adams, Mitzi (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2020)
    The front of the graphic includes a picture of the Sun, a histogram showing the abundance of the Top 5 elements, and an outline of the Periodic Table highlighting the location of those elements on the table. The back of ...
  • Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C.; Breuer, Doris; Byrne, Paul; Buczkowski, Debra L.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Davaille, A.; Dyar, M. Darby (Melinda Darby); Di Achille, G.; Fassett, Caleb; Gilmore, Martha S.; Grimm, Robert E.; Helbert, Jorn; Hensley, Scott; Herrick, Robert R.; Iess, Luciano; Jozwiak, Lauren; Katiaria, Tiffany; Mastrogiuseppe, Marco; Mazarico, Erwan; Mueller, Nils; Nunes, Daniel; O'Rourke, Joseph; McGovern, Patrick J. (Geophysicist); Raguso, Maria; Stock, Joann; Tsang, Constantine; Widemann, Thomas; Whitten, Jennifer; Widemann, Thomas; Zebker, Howard (2020)
    Although supremely unhospitable to life today, Venus’s geodynamic similarities to Earth provide the ultimate control case for understanding rocky planet evolution and habitability. It very likely had past long-term surface ...

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